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Instructions for Stainless Steel Travel Tumbler with Tea Infuser

Thank you for purchasing our Travel Tumbler! We hope you're going to love it and make it a part of your daily tea ritual. Please read carefully on how to properly use the tumbler for your safety.

You can also watch our instructional video as well:


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Step 1: Remove silica gel and wash with soap and warm water.

Step 2: Twist to remove the top compartment from the bottom compartment.


Step 3: Carefully add hot water to the bottom compartment. Make sure not to overfill the compartment. 

Step 4: Twist to remove the lid on the top compartment. Add desired amount of looseleaf tea. Close the lid by twisting it shut.

Step 5: Seal the top and bottom compartment together. Make sure it is sealed tight.

Step 6: Flip it upside down for 3-7 mins, depending on the brewing time desired. Wait 2-3 minutes before opening the tumbler.

Step 7: Flip back to upright position and wait until the water from the top compartment has completely drained to the bottom compartment.

Step 8: Twist open and let tea cool for a few minutes. Content in tumbler will be hot! 

 Step 9: Sip and repeat! You can add hot water again to make another brew. Enjoy!


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