Imagination - Peach Rooibos Blend
Imagination - Peach Rooibos Blend
Imagination - Peach Rooibos Blend

Imagination - Peach Rooibos Blend

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An imaginative and fruity blend that uplifts and inspires. Sweet peach accentuates the natural smooth flavor profile of rooibos. Non-caffeinated, herbal blend.

Ingredients: Rooibos*, Calendula petals*, *Organic Natural flavors(organic compliant)

*Certified Organic

Region(s): Cederberg (South Africa) / Nile Delta River + Fayoum (Egypt)

USDA certified organic


4 oz. net weight

Biodegradable packaging

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
A lovely blend

I have been enjoying this blend so much, it has been THE perfect summer tea for me. On top of that it comes with many great benefits, I highly recommend it!

Dan S
Smooth peach deliciousness

This herbal, non-caffeinated blend is absolutely amazing! I love to end my day with a smooth cup of delicious peach rooibos. While the aroma is very rich, the taste isn't overwhelming - it's just right, i.e. you're still drinking tea, not a smoothie :) I don't get tired of drinking this tea regularly & have yet to try it iced. Oh, and I can't believe the ingredients come all the way from South Africa & Egypt!

Super excited to discover new blends :)

Kitty Wan
My favorite!!!

I’ve tried all of them and the peach one is my favorite, you can really taste the peach - I love drinking it as an ice tea!

Franzel Velasquez
The Sweetness

I am a big coffee person, but damn this hits! just makes the day right with that light sweet flavor! so refreshing and gets the day right! Got my Peaches out in Georgia comes to mind when drinking this flavor!

Stephanie W.
Loved it!

Love this tea, the aroma is amazing along with the wonderful taste! Can’t wait to try it iced!